4 Reasons Why You Should Self-Invest in Premium Lingerie

4 Reasons Why You Should Self-Invest in Premium Lingerie


In life, we splurge on some things and stinge on others. However, your lingerie should not be one of them. While you can find lingerie at all sorts of prices these days, it’s important to choose pieces that fit you and your needs. We all want comfortable bras that give us the support we need, so we should not compromise just because of price. Bear in mind, bras are very technical garments, and cheap ones may not last as long. In fact, the bras you own right now may not even be the right size. We’re not saying you need to splurge, but investing in yourself through quality lingerie is important, and here’s why:


Luxurious Lingerie Have a Longer Lifespan 

A regular bra with normal wear and tear should last up to 5 or 6 months. Of course, this also depends on how often you wear it, how well you take care of it, and how much your body changes (as this might cause stretching). Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of not giving our bras the care they need. However, one of the key ways to help us have longer lasting intimates is to invest in quality ones. 

“Buy cheap, buy twice” refers to the belief that buying cheap and poorly-made products will damage easily, resulting in spending more money in the long run. Subscribing to this thinking is a false economy that does not understand the value of luxury products. Believe it or not, investing in slightly more expensive premium lingerie saves you money over the years because they hold up your daily usage instead of needing to replace them over time when the band loses elasticity or the underwire starts poking you.

If you’re still wondering why luxury lingerie lasts longer, it’s also because they’re more friendly to the environment. Bra materials like organic cotton, bamboo, wool, and TENCEL will help your skin and the earth breathe better and biodegrade better. Another way to make lingerie last longer is to learn how to give it the proper care. These care guidelines that will help you increase the lifespan of all your intimates — from washing to drying and storing. It doesn’t have to be boring or time-consuming. In reality, it’s probably easier than you think.

While the goal is to create environmentally-friendly lingerie that lasts long, it has to fit your lifestyle too. That’s why the Wacoal Human Science Research Centre is always discovering more about what women truly want in their intimates with no compromise on style, comfort, and durability. It’s something that only premium lingerie can cater to.


Premium Lingerie Uses Top-Notch Materials

Most luxury lingerie is made of quality silk and fine lace, which is difficult to produce due to its labour-intensive process hence its higher price point. Because silk is created from silkworms that spin themselves in a cocoon, monitoring these ultra-soft fibres is a tedious process as well. Are they worth it, though? We certainly think so. 

Silk lingerie is typically handcrafted by skilled artisans that focus on creating intimates that women love and are both sturdy and comfy. It’s a natural fibre that’s lightweight and breathable on the skin. It also regulates body temperature, keeping your body cooler for longer periods of time. And unlike synthetic fabrics, silk doesn’t trap moisture instead it has sweat-wicking properties, making it the perfect choice for a hot day. 

At Wacoal, we believe in using premium fabric to craft our lingerie. Our cups are created from a blend of urethane foam (high density foam) and non-elastic laminating material, the result — a smooth and natural silhouette. Each design goes through an in-house quality control team that oversees intense wear and wash testing. So, whether it’s made from lace, silk, microfibre, or any other materials, you can be sure it’s a piece that’s designed to last. 


Each Garment Offers High-Quality Details

When it comes to expensive lingerie, it’s safe to say most women appreciate the details — fine embellishments and intricate designs. Each collection features pieces that have their very own style with the finishing touches of hooks and rings. These details are then carefully attached to each bra to match the colour and style of each garment, giving you the reveal you deserve.

Details also include the art of stitching to create the perfect fit. Stitches for lingerie tend to be even and small, with threads carefully clipped to avoid frayed ends. All seams should be neat and clean to minimise any misalignment or skin irritation. Ultimately, it’s about choosing lingerie that prioritises comfort and fine craftsmanship, this could mean incorporating elements like soft wires for cups or microfibre for shoulder straps to reduce pressure. 


Luxurious Lingerie Makes You Feel Great

We saved the best for last, there’s no denying the energy and confidence you feel when you slip on a piece of luxury lingerie. Wearing one that fits you and your personality is empowering, it helps you embrace your true self and the woman that you are. Plus, it feels incredible to treat yourself, knowing you’ve earned some quality me-time.

Apart from having self-care moments, premium lingerie also enhances your allure. As women, we have a certain charm about ourselves and dressing down unlocks that charm. It’s a way to step into your feminine energy and we guarantee you’ll feel more confident and sexy. And once you’ve turned on this light within, it’s time to share it with other women.


A Treat for Mummy Dearest

In Asian culture, talking about lingerie is almost unheard of. What if you could break the stigma? You could have this intimate experience with the one woman who knows you best — your mum. Mother’s Day is around the corner, and making this cherished woman feel confident and sexy is something you should focus on. 

With designs inspired by you, Wacoal cares about women feeling and being their very best with inner-wear that shapes their body and confidence. With a dedication to producing long-lasting lingerie, we know your mum will be the next woman to own their style and feel truly empowered.

Check out our best-sellers or plan a day of guilt-free shopping at our stores — premium lingerie and quality time with you, it’s all she could ever want. With that, Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Wacoal.

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