5 Essential Lingerie Tips for Plus Size Women

5 Essential Lingerie Tips for Plus Size Women


Welcome to a world of confidence and body positivity! At Wacoal, we believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and empowered in her own skin. That's why we're here to share five essential lingerie tips for plus-size women that will help you embrace your curves and boost your self-confidence. Let's dive in!


Tip 1: Understanding Body Assets

When it comes to selecting plus-size lingerie, the first step is to celebrate your unique body assets. Whether it's your hourglass figure, shapely legs, or your radiant smile, choose pieces that accentuate your favorite features while providing the support and comfort you need. Remember, it's all about feeling fabulous in your own skin!

Tip 2: Find What Makes You Feel Confident 

The world of plus-size lingerie is vast, with a stunning array of options to choose from. Your goal is to find pieces that make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly, confident. Whether you prefer sultry lace, cozy cotton, or vibrant colors, the key is to choose lingerie that reflects your personal style and makes you shine from the inside out.


Plus size woman wearing dark red lingerie


Tip 3: How to Measure for Plus-Size Lingerie

Getting the perfect fit is essential for comfort and confidence when it comes to wearing lingerie. Check out our comprehensive guide on how to accurately measure for plus-size lingerie. To determine your bra size, visit our detailed blog post on "How to Measure Your Bra Size for That Perfect Fit." These essential tips for wearing lingerie will ensure you feel your best in every piece you choose.

Tip 4: Appropriate Styles

From flirty baby doll dresses to sensual bodysuits and classic corsets, the world of plus-size lingerie offers an abundance of styles to explore. Your choice depends on the occasion, your personal comfort, and, of course, your preference. Discover the wide variety of styles available and choose what makes you feel incredible.

Tip 5: Choose Lingerie According to Your Skin Tone

The right lingerie color can enhance your overall look and boost your confidence. Your skin tone guides your choice—light complexions glow in pastels, while olive and tan tones shine in earthy hues. Dark complexions stun in bold jewel tones. Choosing lingerie colors that harmonize with your skin tone enhances your natural beauty, ensuring you feel truly stunning and confident in your favorite pieces.



To wrap it up, remember that lingerie is not just about appearance; it's about how you feel in your own skin. By understanding your body assets, finding styles that make you feel beautiful, getting the right fit, exploring various styles, and choosing the right colors for your skin tone, you can boost your confidence and truly master the art of tips for wearing lingerie


Explore our Plus Size Lingerie Collection now and start your journey towards confidence and self-love! Remember, when it comes to lingerie, we've got you covered. Don't forget to share these lingerie tips with your friends and spread the love for body positivity!

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