7 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Bra

7 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Bra

7 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Bra 

Bras are every lady’s best friend. They support us, give us as much comfort as we need and they can last a long time. When it comes to the lifespan of bras, did you know that a good rule of thumb to follow is to replace your old bras with new ones every 6 to 12 months? 


Of course, many factors come into play when it comes to buying new bras. Before deciding to spend money on a new bra, some common questions that will pop up in your head may include: 

  • “How long does a bra last?” 
  • “How often should you change your bra?”
  • “What are the visible signs that you need a new bra?”
  • “Does my bra feel worn out?”
  • “Do I really need to change my bra so soon?”


Taking a deep dive into your current bras’ condition would help determine whether you need a new bra or not. Is your bra worn out but not sure if it is really time to change it? Here are 7 signs that indicate you should replace your bra. 


Sign #1: When your bra(s) does not fit you anymore 

Over time, wear and tear with bras is normal. If you see extra space in between your breasts and cup of your bra, it is probably stretched out and has become increasingly difficult for it to support your breasts. When this happens, it means that your bra is worn out and it is time to change your bra to a new one. 


Sign #2:When your bra(s) no longer support you

Do you feel like your breasts are heavy and that you constantly have to pull up the straps? This is another sign pointing out that you need a new bra as your current one is getting loose and no longer optimally supporting your breasts. When this happens, it is time to ditch your old bra for a new bra! 


Sign #3: When your bra(s) colour fades

This will probably be one of the first obvious signs that your bra is worn out and you will be needing a new bra. Once the colour of your bra fades, it is most likely that your bra’s inner fabric is starting to disintegrate and this will eventually lead to underwires popping out of the cups of your bra. 


Sign #4: When your bra(s) fabric is frayed or worn out

Are there holes in your bra? If so, hair-like threads will be more noticeable as the fabric of the cups are becoming thin and worn out. If you are experiencing these signs in your current bra, it is time for a new bra! Here’s a WACOAL tip: If you can, hand wash your bras. This is because washing your bras in a washing machine may wear them out faster. If you can only use a washing machine, put it in delicate wash mode.


Sign #5: When your bra(s) function has changed 

Most of the time, women look for bras that fit their daily needs or bras for different special occasions. Ever so often, women prefer high-quality multipurpose bras that are also functional. Maybe you do not require a push up bra anymore or you have always had wired bras and now you are seeking a new bra that is comfortable and non-wired? Whatever your reason may be, it is always a good time to change to a new bra that fits your current needs better. 


Sign #6: When your body has changed 

Women’s bodies go through so many changes in their lifetime. How often you should replace your bra with a new one depends on these bodily changes such as weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, or surgery. It is normal that we would go through cycles of different bras that fit our current figure and breast shapes better. 


Sign #7: When your taste has changed 

Personalities and interests change all the time, so does your taste in bras! You should consider changing up your bra styles to suit your current taste or better yet, get a new bra just because your mood calls for it! Nothing is better than a new bra in a design and colour that you adore. 

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