Celebrate A Prosperous CNY 2023 with Wacoal

Celebrate A Prosperous CNY 2023 with Wacoal

When is the perfect time to hop into the year of the Rabbit (2023) with a splash of red? You guessed it right! It’s Chinese New Year! In Chinese culture, red is seen as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. The good news is that Wacoal has created a stunning lineup of bras featuring this lucky hue in our #ColourSpeakLouderThanWords collection. 


Why Wacoal Bras for CNY 2023? 



The Best Comfort During Family Reunion

Family reunions are a big part of Chinese New Year celebrations, and with all the visiting and catching up you'll be doing, you want to make sure you're comfortable. That's where Wacoal comes in. With a long history of creating high-quality bras that promise support, comfort, and breathability, Wacoal is the perfect choice to add a pop of red to your lingerie for good luck and prosperity. 

Variety of Styles to Match Any Outfit

Looking for the perfect bra to complete your Chinese New Year 2023 outfit? Look no further than Wacoal! With a variety of styles to choose from, you'll be able to find the one that gives you the best bust shape for your cheongsam. And hey, even if you don't end up wearing a cheongsam, a good bra is essential for any outfit (we all know the struggle of a poorly fitting bra). Get in the celebratory spirit and treat yourself to a new bra from Wacoal. Your girls will thank you.



Elegant Design 

As you prepare to celebrate Chinese New Year 2023 in style, don't forget about the importance of feeling confident and comfortable in your undergarments. With Wacoal’s elegant and luxurious bra designs, you'll feel pampered and posh in what you're wearing underneath it all. So indulge in the luxurious feel of a Wacoal bra and start the new year off feeling your best. Let Wacoal be your secret weapon for a confident and comfortable CNY celebration.



In conclusion, celebrating CNY with Wacoal bras can bring both prosperity and good luck for the year ahead. As the saying goes, "ong" or good fortune, can be found in the small details. By celebrating with Wacoal, you can start the year off on the right foot and feel confident and supported as you take on the challenges ahead. So, if you haven't decided what to wear for CNY yet, don't forget to include a Wacoal bra as the finishing touch!


Get ready to make a statement this Chinese New Year with Wacoal's #ColourSpeakLouderThanWords collection! Featuring bold red hues and intricate designs, these lingerie pieces are sure to turn heads. Click here to find the perfect addition to your CNY wardrobe! 

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