How to Choose the “Right” Bra Based on Different Breast Shapes

How to Choose the “Right” Bra Based on Different Breast Shapes

How to Choose the “Right” Bra Based on Different Breast Shapes

Does this sound familiar to you? You recently purchased a new bra - with the correct bra size, nice fabric, and a cute design. But it is still not the “right” bra for you. It is either too tight or too loose and worse, it does not give you the support you desperately need. The problem might lie in the bra fit instead of the bra size itself. You might have chosen a bra that does not suit your breast shape.


How does Breast Shape Affect Your Bra?

Everyone’s body is unique and the way a bra fits each person is different. Your friend who has the same bra size as you might recommend a bra she finds great - only for you to find that it feels awful instead. This is because each bra design comes with different fittings based on your type of breast. Even if there is a bra that fits everyone, the way it flatters your body shape, your physical development, and ultimately, supports your breasts are not the same.

Take a sports bra for example - this bra type can suit every breast shape but it is designed for function and simply to make sure your bra has extra support when exercising. It might give you strong support regardless of your breast shape but it is not meant to be worn for a long time - because it constricts your breasts instead of seamlessly supporting them. 


What Type of Breast Shape Am I?

Wacoal’s Human Science Research Centre has spent over forty years of research to understand how a woman’s body develops and the best way to create bras that enhance a woman’s natural beauty. Based on our research, we managed to categorize the different types of breast shapes into six categories. Chances are, you belong to one of these types of breast shapes so we have come up with various bra designs that can fit each breast shape.

Below are our six different breast shapes and how you can see which one is yours:

Cherry-Shaped Breasts

The first type of breast shape in our category is the cherry-shaped breasts. Women with cherry-shaped breasts are normally less endowed. The characteristics of this type of breasts includes; having forward facing breasts with less pointed nipples. The gap between the two breasts are also usually closer together. Size-wise, normally this type of breasts belongs to sizes with cups A and B.

Lemon-Shaped Breasts


The second type of breast shape is the lemon-shaped breasts. Women with lemon-shaped breasts are also considered less endowed. What differentiates this breast type from cherry-shaped breasts is that their upper bust is less full and tends to be flatter. Size-wise, this breast type can go up to a C-cup for a chubbier lady.

Apple-Shaped Breasts

The third type of breast is an apple-shaped breast. Apple-shaped breasts are considered the ideal shape mostly because this type of breast has a full upper and lower bust, is significantly endowed and is forward-pointing. They also have good cleavage. Sizes that correspond to this breast type are normally a C-cup and above

Pineapple-Shaped Breasts

The fourth type of breast is the pineapple-shaped breasts. While pineapple-shaped breasts are well-endowed, it is also a bit droopy, mostly since the upper bust tends to be fuller. This breast type tends to need the most support when it comes to bra types to prevent sagging. Women with pineapple-shaped breasts normally belong to cup sizes C and above.

Strawberry-Shaped Breasts


The fifth type of breast is the strawberry-shaped breasts. In comparison to pineapple-shaped breasts, strawberry-shaped breasts, while considered endowed, tend to sag. This is because this breast type has a flatter upper bust and fuller underbust, with pointed nipples. Depending on the bra designs, your cup sizes can be anywhere between B to D.

Pear-Shaped Breasts


The last type of breast shape in our category is the pear-shaped breasts. If you have pear-shaped breasts, you might notice that your breasts tend to have diverged nipples and might be both saggy as well as droopy. This breast type is considered as less endowed so the sizes that correspond to it are typically sizes A and B.



Why Shop at Wacoal Malaysia for Your Best Bra?

To get the perfect bra that compliments your breast shape, we would recommend that you do a bra fitting session at any of our physical stores near you. If you are looking to buy a Wacoal bra online, you should measure your bra size accurately first. This is so you can filter your search based on your cup size. The easiest way to look for a bra that can suit each different shape is to know whether your breast type is well endowed - cups C and above, or less endowed - cups A and B. Normally, the next step is to choose a design according to your breast shape. It is important to remember the key characteristics of your breast shape so you can pick features and designs that can compliment you nicely.

To make things easier, each Wacoal’s bras, bralettes, and other lingerie designs are created based on the input from our Human Science Research Centre. That is how we can give you design varieties that fit you no matter your breast shape. From wired to padded, sculpting bras or lift-ups, we have every possible feature you might need so you can feel good and look great when you have a bra that fits. Our Gococi line for instance offers you all the support you need without the wires so you can get that no-bra feel for the whole day.

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