How to Measure Your Bra Size for that Perfect Fit

How to Measure Your Bra Size for that Perfect Fit

Finding your perfect bra is always a challenge. Whether you are using Europe (EU), the United States of America (US), or Malaysian metrics to identify your bra sizes, you may end up with the “wrong” bra that does not fit. One of the reasons why this happens is because you do not have the “right” bra size to begin with. To get the right bra size, you should take the time to measure your bra size periodically so you can get the perfect fit at every purchase.


Why Should You Measure Your Bra Size Periodically?

Typical Malaysian women normally measure their bra size when they want to buy their first bra or when they reach adulthood. This is not the right thing to do because your bra size changes as you grow older and can be influenced by different factors. Using the same bra size as when you buy your first bra or when you are a young adult is why you end up with the “wrong” bra.

You should measure your new bra size when you come across these three factors;


Puberty in women typically stops at age 18 but that does not mean your body stops developing. There are certain age periods when your body shapes change again, especially your breasts and hip. You should measure your bra size when you reach certain age markers such as your early twenties, mid-twenties, early thirties, mid-thirties, etcetera. These age markers normally reflect a period of hormonal changes in your body.

Hormonal Change

Changes in hormones either organically such as during pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, menopause or ageing can also affect your bra size. It is important to measure a new bra size when you are experiencing any of these changes. You might also want to measure your bra size again if your hormonal changes from stress or lifestyle influences affect your menstruation since more often than not, this can change your physical development.


You should also measure your bra size again if there is a significant change in your weight, either by becoming skinnier or chubbier. Weight changes can also affect your hormones aside from your physique and that is what changes your bra size.

Measuring Your Current Bra Size

Measuring your current bra size is an easy thing to do. You can do it yourself in the privacy of your home so long as you have these two items;

  • A Measuring Tape - you can buy your measuring tape anywhere in the crafts section or at a specific tailoring supplies store. You can just buy the average 60 inches (152cm) measuring tape.
  • A Notebook and Pen - you also need something to record the bra size measurements you are about to take. You can go the traditional route with a notebook and pen or you can just use your phone for this.

Now that you have all the things you need to measure your bra size at home, you can now find a private place to do so since you only need to wear an unpadded bra or just a thin camisole for this. You can also get a mirror to help make the process easier. When measuring the right bra size, there are three measurements you need to take divided into three separate steps.

Step 1: Measuring Your Band Size

The first step to measuring your right bra size is to measure your band size. Your band size is the measurement of your underbust, directly under your breasts.

When measuring your band size, what you need to do is wrap your measuring tape tightly around your back from your underbust and keep the excess parallel to the ground. Take note of the measurement where the measuring tape finishes a whole circle.


Your band size is typically the first two digits you see when looking at bra sizes. E.g. 36B (in inches), 70B (in cm). To find the perfect band size, you will need to round off your measurements to the nearest even number or simply refer to our band size chart below:

Step 2: Measuring Your Bust Size

The second step is to measure your bust size - or sometimes referred to as your upper bust. Your bust size is the fullest point of your breast and it is an important measurement to get the right bra size.

When measuring your bust size, place your measuring tape at the fullest part of your breast and wrap them around your back. Keep your excess measuring tape parallel to the ground like in the first step. To help you get the right measurements for your bra size, take a few deep breaths so you can let the tape rest in the most comfortable position on your bust.

Remember to note down your measurements once you find a position that makes you comfortable. This should not be too tight or too loose.

You do not see where your bust size is when you buy a new bra because the bust size is part of the measurement to determine your cup size - which is the next step.

Step 3: Measuring Your Cup Size

Finding your cup size is the trickiest part of the process and is normally what stops you from finding the right bra size. Not only is it a tricky process, but a bra’s cup size also depends on bra designs from different makers.

The best way to do it is by making sure you get exact measurements from the first and second steps. To find your cup size, you need to subtract the measurement of your under bust (band size) and your upper bust (bust size).

You can sum this up as:

Band Size = Under Bust

Bust Size = Upper Bust

Cup Size = Upper Bust (Bust Size) - Under Bust (Band Size)

The difference between the two measurements is often reflected on the bra size chart from different makers. To find your exact cup size here at Wacoal, simply refer to our cup size chart below;

So that it is easier for you to see, here is a sample measurement we did for you;

Band Size: 80cm

Bust Size: 95cm

Cup Size: 95cm - 80cm = 15cm

Since the cup size is 15cm, we can then conclude that the right bra size for you here at Wacoal is 80C.

Find Your Next Perfect Bra Here at Wacoal!

Once you know your bra size, you can typically apply them whenever you want to buy a bra at any maker but as mentioned above, you normally get the “wrong” one simply because of your cup size. You can also get the “wrong” bra when the bra makers keep on using the same outdated bra chart on all of their products.

Here at Wacoal, we aim to provide women with bras that align with our founder’s motto; “to help women everywhere become more beautiful.” We provide quality bras guided by aspects such as safety, fashion, function, practicality, and value-for-money. Our Research and Development Department is always looking for ways to improve every design based on a woman’s life development.

That is why, when you are looking for the right bra here at Wacoal, you are given the freedom to choose bras that;

  • Fit you perfectly thanks to our flexible size charts from when you measure your band size to finding your actual cup size
  • Have designs that cater to not only your bra size but also enhance your natural physique
  • Have designs that cater to your physical development based on your age and life experiences
  • Have designs that are suitable for any occasion with the best value prices; and
  • Are made from high-quality material that gives you the best comfort

You can find your right Wacoal bra at our stores near you, via our website or at our official e-commerce stores!

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