Wacoal's Bra Care Guide: Extend Your Bra's Lifespan

Wacoal's Bra Care Guide: Extend Your Bra's Lifespan

First things first: how long do bras usually last? On average, a bra lasts about 5-6 months before it starts to wear down and lose shape. Over time, the elasticity of the straps, cups, and band will break down; the padding will begin to flatten out, and the fabric itself will become stretched out or faded in color.

If that sounds familiar, don’t worry—you’re not alone! And luckily, there are easy ways to extend your bra’s life, so they don’t need replacing quite so often. So what’s the secret to extending your favorite bra’s lifespans? You’re definitely at the right place because we’re giving you the Ultimate Bra Care Guide on how to take care of your bras.


Tip Number One: Be Gentle

Treat your bras like delicate flowers because that's what they are!—delicate. When you put on your bra, ensure there's enough slack in the back to allow for movement without causing discomfort or pain. And while we're at it… there is actually a proper way to wear a bra! You shouldn't wear it too tight or too loose—it should fit snugly around your body without stretching the fabric too much. If you're wearing one that's too big or small for you, it'll stretch out faster than usual and won't provide as much support as it should.


Tip Number Two: The Best Way to Wash Bras

If you’re a woman, you probably have to deal with the dreaded bra-washing conundrum. Even though we all know that machine-washing bras are bad for them, we often can’t help but throw them in the washer anyway because it’s just faster that way. Even if you want to wash them in a washer, don’t put your bras with anything abrasive or bleach on them—the elastic in the fabric can deteriorate over time. Perhaps, put your bras in a mesh bag. That way, they won’t get tangled up with other clothes or rip apart at the seams (which can happen if they’re not protected). Make sure to set your washing machine to the delicate wash cycle. You may also want to use cold water if possible—hot water can cause bras to lose their shape and shrink!

But did you know that hand washing your bras is actually the best way to wash them? It's true! Hand washing is gentler on your delicate bras than tossing them in your washer, and it helps preserve their shape and elasticity over time. 

Here's how to do it:

Fill your sink or basin with cool water (not hot!) and add some mild detergent or soap. Soak your bras in this solution for 20 minutes or so (or longer if they're really dirty). Rinse them thoroughly under running water until all of the soap has been removed from each cup and band. Gently squeeze out excess moisture by hand and lay flat on a clean towel or rack until dry.

Tip Number Three: How to Dry and Store My Bra Without Ruining Them



We know it’s tempting to throw your bras into your dryer with everything else, but your bra is an investment and you want to make sure that it lasts. But how do you dry and store bras without ruining them? The trick is to protect the elasticity of your bra by avoiding excessive intense heat. So avoid drying your bras in the dryer—it’ll only ruin them! 

The best way to dry your bras is by air-drying them flat on a drying rack or tray. Hanging your bras on a hanger is another good option to air dry your bras. Why? It gives you a better weight distribution, so the bra doesn’t end up stretching out too much when it’s still wet—this will help keep the shape of your bra intact.


Store With Care


Have you ever put on a bra, and the straps are all twisted? Or is the underwire bent out of shape? Or maybe it’s just hard to get into because it’s been crammed in a drawer for too long. If you don’t want to end up with damaged and snagged bras, then proper bra storage is key. Always clasp the back when storing. This will keep the bra’s hooks and eyes from getting caught on anything else in your drawer or closet, which could cause them to break and be rendered useless. Try organizing your underwear by style—this not only helps preserve their shape but it helps you choose the perfect bra for your outfit! 

Remember That Nothing Lasts Forever. 

Sorry to conclude on such a depressing note, but it's the truth! There is no material that doesn't deteriorate. Every bra eventually reaches the end of its useful life, even with impeccable care. Most things wear out and that’s totally normal! But the good news is, you’ve got a good reason to go bra shopping

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