Wacoal’s Bra Recycling Campaign

Wacoal’s Bra Recycling Campaign

What To Do With Your Old Bras?

Whether you realize it or not, your bras do not last forever. Bras tend to lose their elasticity and show signs of wear and tear the more you wear them. In many cases, it's difficult to dispose of your bra properly. Even if you want to send them to a recycling centre, most of them do not accept bras or they end up throwing them away at landfills. Bras can take at least a decade or more to decompose depending on their materials and a bra does not have only one material. Your bra is usually made up of three main materials; fabric, plastic, and metal. It is a hassle to disassemble which is why most recycling centres either reject them or take the easy way out.


Giving New Life to Old Bras

As part of Wacoal's social responsibility, we have initiated our Bra Recycling Campaign. Through this campaign, we strive to give new life to your old bras by recycling them into “green fuel”. Our process involves collecting your old bras and sending them to a facility where they are burned at a high temperature inside a cement kiln. Burning them using a cement kiln reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the usage of non-renewable resources such as coal. The green fuel is then used as the main fuel source for cement plants.

As a result, we will be able to reduce carbon emissions, expand the production of green fuels, and make construction materials.


How Can You Contribute?

The good news is that our Bra Recycling Campaign is open to everyone. We do not discriminate against any brands - you can simply drop any old bras you have in Wacoal’s bra recycling bin available at your nearest Wacoal store. Better yet, you can ask to scan our special campaign QR code and get an RM20 instant rebate every time you recycle your old bras with us.


When Should You Recycle Your Old Bras?

Wacoal always strives to help you get the most value from your lingerie, especially your bra. Here are some tips on how to identify whether your bra has reached its lifespan or not before you contribute to our Bra Recycling Campaign;

The Bra Looks Old - What counts as “looking old”? You will notice that your bra’s colour has already faded and the threads are fraying.

 The Cups of the Bra are Crumpled - Another sign is your bra cups are crumpled. This can happen after continuous washing.

The Shoulder Straps are Loose - You might also find your shoulder straps getting looser and always slips off your shoulder even when you tighten them.
The Back Strap is Less Elastic - If you find your back strap, otherwise known as your band losing elasticity then yes, it is time to dispose of your bra. Your band provides the majority of your bra’s support so keeping it is not doing you any favours.

The Wire in Your Bra is Poking Out - For wired bras, one main indicator is when the wire in your bra pokes out from your bra cups. This can injure you so yes, it is time to say goodbye.

Does your bra meet one or more of these criteria? Visit your nearest Wacoal store and contribute to our Bra Recycling campaign if your answer is yes. We are looking forward to your contribution.

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