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Bra Fitting Guide


Top Bust: 90cm
Under Bust: 76cm

(Top Bust - Under Bust)
90cm - 76cm = 14cm differences
14cm fall under the range 14cm-16cm (Cup size C)

Under Bust: 76cm
76cm fall under the range of 72.5cm - 77.5cm,
therefore it is in size 75cm

Applicable On

CGG241, CGG293, CGG531

Applicable On

CGG532, CGG540

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How to wear a bra
Bra care

machine wash

  • Such as the bust with soft circle,spirituality,etc.
  • Delicate lace flowers woven shirt dress, petticoat.
  • Hand tap (such as lace woven by the friction can damage the flowers).
  • Drying time of 30 seconds washing machine.
  • A dry towel to absorb the moisture (but must not wring).

hand wash

  • Other underwear (brassiries, panty, underwear, shirt, skirts, petticoats, etc.)
  • Network with the laundry (no hook and zipper must first wear).
  • Washing time of 3 minutes is adequate.
  • Drying time of 30 seconds washing machine.
  • A dry towel to absorb the moisture (but must not wring).

How to wash a bra

Different from the ordinary clothing underwear, thin delicate material fibers are more flexible, so the best method of washing is "warm" and "neutral detergent" and tap the hand. Before cleaning, carefully read the underwear label.

  • Detergent/laundry detergent is not directly on the soiled underwater.
  • Dark and white or light colored material to be separated during washing.
  • Clean underwear in the zipper must be drawn.

Wash with plenty of water after washing, then twist slightly light on the dry towel, hand squeeze, the water absorbed by a towel. Sun and easy to make underwear material deterioration, yellowing and fading, making underwear shortened life expectancy, it should choose the ventilation and shade to dry. Clothes dryer with hear and easily lead to shrinkage defomation underwear, do not use dryer.

  • Clothing should be completely dry before first save. Moisture will cause discoloration attached to clothing, wrinkle and mildew.
  • Should minimize the use of sealed platic bags to hold the underwear in order to avoid mildew. Season must wear underwear, should be placed in the air flow after cleaning at the proper preservation.
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