How To Wear A How To Wear A Bra Correctly

How to wear a bra

To keep your body beautifully contoured and comfortable, you need to wear a bra.

First, let's wear a bra correctly.

Hold the lower part of the bra with the straps over your shoulders and lean forward to align the wires with your bust line.
Place the bust into the cups and fasten the hooks at the back while keeping the position.

While bending forward, slightly lift the base of the right cup strap with your right hand, and with your left hand, wrap the entire right side of the bust and gently lift it up.

Raise your body and adjust the length of the straps.
A good length is when you can easily pass one finger between the strap and your shoulder.
Do the same for the opposite side.

Fitting Confirmation Exercise

Once you have put on the bra, try the fitting confirmation exercise.

First, move the arms up and down.

Next, twist your body from side to side.
(If you are pregnant, spread your arms lightly and roll your shoulders.)

Five checkpoints to make sure you are wearing your bra correctly

Check if the bra fits your body and feels comfortable.

(1) Are wires wedged or against the virginal line?

(2) Are the tops and sides of the cups floating or wedged?

(3) Is the front center floating or wedged?

(4) Underbust is not tight or out of alignment

(5) Make sure the straps are not out of alignment or too tight.

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