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The Perfect Comfort and The Greatest Support for Your Bra

The perfect bra for women, for any occasion, should be available easily. Buying bras should not be a herculean effort. At Wacoal Malaysia, our mission is to assist you in finding the perfect Wacoal bra, whether in-store or online.

Why Us?

As one of the longest leading bra brand players in the industry, Wacoal Malaysia offers revolutionary designed bras for women that are catered to any lifestyle. What sets us apart from other industry players is that our designs are backed by official scientific data on women’s physical development throughout all stages in life.

Explore Different Types of Bra

Stagnancy halts progress. When it comes to looking for new ways to innovate their bra brand, ‘The Wacoal Way’ is always coming up with stylish yet comfortable designs and products, for any occasion. Among the various types of bras for women include t-shirt bras, push-up bras, seamless bras and many more.

Whatever your needs may be, Wacoal Malaysia has the perfect Wacoal bra for you.

Women Bra Size Chart

Wacoal understands that every woman is unique and when it comes to finding the perfect bra brand, everyone has different needs and wants and because of that, we came up with a Wacoal’s bra size chart that is more detailed and flexible. Our bra size chart features the main metrics for bra measurements such as underbust size and cup size.

Unlike many other bra brands out there, Wacoal bras include a range of measurements for your band size and cup size. They correspond with our regular bra sizes so that you can find the perfect fit when you buy a Wacoal bra online; this is an experience you can only have with a real-life fitting and we got it covered, all online, for you.

Rest assured, Wacoal Malaysia takes pride in making sure every bra delivered is the perfect one for you.