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Based on our social mission-comprised of things we must achieve in present-day society-and "Founding Principles” we have carried on during our over 70 years of business, Wacoal Group is promoting "sustainability management”, which will help us solve social issues and achieve sustainable growth through our business.

Our Mission


Our group aims to contribute to enriching all people's lives, all around the world; help customers achieve a style that shows who they really are, rather than one-size-fits-all beauty; and strive to solve environmental and human rights issues, among others. Our mission established in 2022, represents the kind of group we want to become in the future.

WACOAL empowers people with the confidence that comes from looking and feeling their best. As a global leader, we welcome everyone into our caring community built on mutual respect, diversity, and inclusion.

At WACOAL, we value each person as an individual and believe in nurturing the body and mind so everyone can be their best.
When people with different backgrounds are empowered to come together and share ideas freely, we as a society will achieve true harmony.
By continuing to evolve, WACOAL leads the way to a world where kindness, inclusivity, and mutual respect are the standards, and the future is full of promise for everyone.

Founding Principles

Founder Koichi Tsukamoto

Founding Principles

"With a strong desire to devote the life bestowed upon me to work for society," Koichi Tsukamoto founded Wacoal based on the belief that “a peaceful society is one where women can express their beauty." In order to contribute to society by helping women to express their beauty, business management based on “mutual trust" is indispensable. Across the generations, we have maintained our founder’s strong commitment to creating a company trusted by all stakeholders. Consequently, each Wacoal employee has inherited a mind-set that emphasizes mutual trust.

Our Culture

Our Promise

We will contribute to society by helping women to express their beauty.

Our Culture

We, the employees and management of WACOAL, will maintain a refined corporate culture based on mutual trust and will continually strive to make the Company a global leader in the industry.

Our Values

Our Values

1. Create products loved by customers
2. Develop new products that meet the needs of the times.
3. Conduct business in a fair manner with a forward focus.
4. Build a better WACOAL through better human resources.
5. Fear not failure and boast not of success.

Human Science Research Centre

Human Science Research Centre

Wacoal made beauty into a science. At the famed Human Science Research Centre, there is on-going research based upon the analysis of vast quantities of data collected globally; product development that gives shape and form to these insights; and quality control that makes sure the products are safe. It is the combining of these three kinds of know-how that results in the birth of a Wacoal product.

For over 40 years now, the Human Science Research Centre has been collecting physical data from one thousand women a year from girls in their late teens to women in their sixties. Taking regular measurements from the same women over a long time frame enable Wacoal to gain profound insights into the physical changes that accompany the ageing process.

By taking and applying the scientific approach, the Human Science Centre conjured up products that had never existed before. From the 1960s to the present day, they have come up with revolutionary creations such as the Tummy Girdle, the Front Hook Bra, Shape Pants, the Good-Up Bra and high-function sportswear that enhance sportsmen’s performance. One of the latest breakthroughs is the Style Science Series: innerwear that actively helps with walking.

Human Science Research Centre Human Science Research Centre
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