When To Change Your Bra

Do you have a bra that you are still using, but wonder if you should buy a new one?
We would like to introduce you to the "guidelines on when to replace your bras," which many people are worried about.
Please use this as an opportunity to check your bras.

Just like clothes and shoes, your favorite bra will stretch and lose its shape if you wear it for a long time.
Even if you continue to use it because it is not unusable...it is not fulfilling its function as a bra.
Bras have a life span. If you have any of the following items in mind, please take a moment to check all of your bras!

The bra looks tired

Although there are differences in individual sensibilities,it is time to change a bra that feels "tired".
Many people seem to somehow continue to wear them even if they look a little tired.
One indication is whether the letters on the size and laundry tags have faded or become unreadable.!

Bra cups are wrinkled and dented

The cups were fluffy when I bought it, If the cups of your bra are not firm, the cups are wrinkled, or the cups are bumpy, it is time to change bras.

Bra straps shift even after adjustment

Even though I adjusted the shoulder straps of my bra, The shoulder straps of your bra are falling off over time...
If you are suffering from this symptom, it is time to change that bra.
It is possible that the straps have stretched and become thinner.

Side mesh/elastic of the bra is stretched or thinning.

When the elastic of the mesh part from the sides to the back of the bra stretches or the fabric becomes thin, it is a sign that it is time to change the bra.
If you look at the elastic on the side of the bra that has started to feel loose and uncomfortable, you may find that it has become thinner.

Bra wires are deformed.

Place the bra laid out on a flat surface.
The wires of the new bras are symmetrical.
A bra with deformed wires, when placed on a flat surface, Some of the wires are unnaturally floating, or bent and the width of the wire U-shape is different, and they are not symmetrical.
If the bra's wires are distorted, you will feel pain against your skin and will not be able to keep your breasts in a beautiful shape.
Discontinue use immediately as it may cause injury to the body.

Signs of "no longer fit"

When you actually put it on, if the following points apply, it is a sign that it is no longer suitable for your body.
This is also the time to buy a new bra.
You can't create a beautiful body line with a bra that doesn't fit your body.
Review your bra.

When I twist your body from side to side, the cups lift off your chest.

When I swing my arms, the flesh of my chest protrudes from my sides.

When I raise my hands above my head, my bra slips up.

The straps fall off when both shoulders are turned around.

When I jump, my chest shakes a lot.

When I bend over, the back of my bra rises up.

Check all of your bras and if any of them apply to you, it is time to change them.

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